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The forthcoming Chelmer Canal Trust Work Party on
Saturday, 4th June 2022
and another St Osyth session Thursday, 19th May.

As well as our Weedbusting work parties, reducing the impact of Floating American Pennywort on the Navigation, we've also recently arranged a number of Chelmer Canal Trust Work Parties at St Osyth, working on the C&B Navigation Lighter, Susan. We want to get her back to the Navigation where she was once a working vessel. Our St Osyth work parties are very different to pulling out rafts (or weedlets) of pennywort, but nevertheless very rewarding. To see the sort of things we've been doing at St Osyth click here and scroll down.

We've got the next St Osyth session planned and we hope that, again, we will find we have enough of our lovely volunteers to be able to make further progress on the restoration of Susan. The work party is on Thursday, 19th May, working at St Osyth from 10 am to 2 pm (but leave earlier if you need to and have your own transport) We either meet at St Osyth or arrange to share transport and travel in groups from Chelmsford, leaving at 9 am. You don't need any special skills (Tom, the boatbuilder has those!) - we can find jobs for everyone, although you do need to be happy walking across a gang plank and climbing down a ladder into the dry dock Susan is in. Because it's a much longer journey than our regular Work Parties we are happy to reimburse fuel costs.

Please consider joining us for this work party and email Neil now ([email protected]) if you are able to be there (even if you have already told him you can be, please). We need to know how you want to get to St Osyth so please advise whether:

  • You will be travelling independently (and how many of you)
  • You would like a lift from Chelmsford
  • You can offer spaces in your car from Chelmsford.
To have time to make the appropriate arrangements it would be helpful if you would let us know by Sunday, 15th May, please.

If you'd like to catch up on what we've been doing at our recent CCT work parties click here to see us installing a boom across the mouth of the Langford Cut and click here to see the teams who were out patrolling the Navigation for pennywort last Saturday.

Our next Weedbusting Work Party is on Saturday, 4th June. Full details in due course.

Dates for all of our planned work parties this year are listed
on our Forthcoming Events Page
Forthcoming Events

Click here for the latest reports and photos of recent workparties.
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Dates for our future work parties are listed on our Forthcoming Events Page. Forthcoming Events

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