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Chelmer & Blackwater Plaques

Chelmer Plaques Available Now from the Chelmer Canal Trust

2021 Black Plaques

One of the objectives of the Chelmer Canal Trust has always been to encourage use of the Navigation by boats.
The 2021 black plaques are to a new design. To obtain one, you need to navigate your boat the full length of the navigation, using all the locks. You will need to take photographs of your boat in both Heybridge Basin and Springfield Basin and send them to us. With your permission, we would like to post your achievement here to encourage others to follow your example.
So as these plaques need a qualifying journey, it also needs to be in a qualifying vessel. I.E. one which needs to use the locks, and can�t just be plopped into the water at each end, after potentially making the bulk of the journey on the roof of a car! We would also ideally like to see the plaque proudly on display on or in the vessel which made the journey, so please bear this in mind before applying for one.

Green �logo� Plaques.

To obtain one of these, all that is required here, is that you be a fully paid-up member of the Trust at the time of applying, and that you include the cost of postage with your request. At the present time, this is �2. We have limited stock, but we will order some more once the present stock is exhausted.

Blue Plaques.

These are freely on sale for �7 at our events or please add �2 Postage if you would like us to send you one in the post.

All our plaques are solid brass castings made in the UK.

The 1997 plaques detailed below are shown for information only as they are no longer available.

The Blue Plaques

These plaques are "Souvenir" plaques, available to buy without any qualification needed.

The Red Plaques

To qualify for this plaque your boat must have been at the 1997 National Trailboat Rally at Springfield Basin.

The Black Plaques

This was a limited edition numbered plaque. (number on reverse) In order to qualify for this plaque you had to navigate the whole length of the navigation. A photograph of your boat in Springfield Basin, and another of your boat in Heybridge Basin was accepted as proof of this achievement.


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